Outerwear Laptop Daypack


It's like MacGyver stole your sweatshirt and made a daypack.


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The Outerwear Daypack may have the look, the feel, of cotton (the fabric of our lives) but it also has enough pockets and compartments to house both your tablet and laptop with tons of room to spare. The ultra padded laptop and tablet compartments are lined with soft waffle cotton to keep your devices secure and protected. Rain won't be a problem with the retractable elasticized waterproof rain hood. Usually stored away in it's own zippered compartment, the rain hood retracts and gently surrounds your daypack keeping your devices dry. And don't worry about spilling that latte, The Outerwear Daypack is 100% machine washable and ready for the spin cycle. 

- Ultra padded laptop compartment lined with waffle cotton fabric
- Separate tablet pocket lined with waffle cotton fabric
- Retractable elasticized waterproof rain cover
- Padded canvas reinforced shoulder straps and bottom
- Cozy and thick knit fleece lined exterior
- Multiple quick access pockets, you’ll be accessing your stuff so quick
- iPad: Ipad or Tablet measuring up to: 8" x 11" x 1"
- 13"/14": 13" Macbook or any notebook measuring up to: 10.5" x 14" x 1"
- 15: 15" Macbook or any notebook up to: 10" x 15.5" x 1"

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